We create a sustainable economic ecosystem based on tourism

An overview

The guidelines on which Polo Turistico Umbria moves are tourism, sustainability and the creation of an economic system different from the current one.
We support conscious tourism and people focused on details, the little things we are not used to, the ones who want to discover a deeper and more meaningful history behind what everyone already knows. We look for places and stories outside maps time to look for a different perspective in the things we already know.
Umbria hides on its land a vastness of wonders forgotten by time and intended for abandonment, or just not indeed taken to their full potential. Exactly for this reason, one of the priorities of Polo Turistico Umbria is to recover and maintain the historical, cultural and rural heritage of the regional territory. To do this, we build a network of facilities dedicated to accommodate those who want to discover the beauties of Umbria in the best possible way, providing assistance to property owners and actively and effectively managing both their maintenance and their tourism promotion.
Our commitment translates into a circle in which the help and support of the community is necessary, through the creation of a labor market where both the support of local craftsmanships and the use of innovative minds will be indispensable to take advantage of new technologies we have available.
We actually create an economic system in the Umbrian tourism and cultural sector.
Nonetheless, operating with a network of structures located throughout the territory, we are aware that the current real estate system is a static, cumbersome model, and that requires a substantial investment that is not always within everyone’s reach. This is why we are committed to building a new economic model that overturns the previous one, which gives the possibility of being accessible to more people, and in which the real estate investment can be more contained and the return can take place even in a short time.
For all this we believe that the creation of this ecosystem is sustainable, ethical, and that it can generate well-being for the entire social fabric, in a circuit that feeds itself.

Who we are

The idea of developing Polo Turistico Umbria was born from the desire to take back the wealth that the territory offers in its entirety, from the awareness of the historical and moral value of the restored ancient residences, acquired in over 15 years of work, carried out directly and in collaboration with local artisans, as well as the desire for the philological recovery of a rich historical-rural heritage, for too long ignored or left in decay, inserting it in the tourism / hospitality sector.

Our tourism offer is “unique” in this area. It is about offering an integrated service with a very high quality content, characterized by “good taste” and aimed at “good living”. The primary need is to have a “sober and quality” product, which gives value to beauty, culture, history, quality of life, landscapes, food and wine products.

The goal is to develop and supply a network of similar structures, albeit connected, in different places and of different sizes that will be selected and acquired, in different ways, but in any case corresponding to the standards of the Polo Turistico Umbria brand, able to offer the same quality levels in every single structure, always based on good taste and aimed at good living.

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